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Curtain & Blinds Cleaning

Our trained professionals aren’t coming to your home to merely dust the slats of your blinds.

Through precise attention to detail, we clean cords, bars, rails, and all of the hard to reach places

as well. After one appointment, you’ll quickly realise why we’re the best in the business. Our team always respects your comfort and privacy. We are more than happy to schedule your blind cleaning in the evening or on weekends so that we don’t disrupt your daily operations. If you’re in need of new blinds, installation, or blind repair services, contact our office so we can handle everything in one full-service appointment.

Some of the types of blinds we service are:

- Cellular or Honeycomb blind cleaning 
From a side angle, these blinds appear to be diamond-shaped and made of engineered lightweight material. They are some of the most flexible blinds you can find, as some of them can slide either from the top or the bottom. There are also block out and motorised options available for your ease of use.

- Pleated or Duette blind cleaning 
Pleated blinds are made of cloth material which folds as it is drawn close, just like Roman shades. However, pleated shades have sharper, angular edges when retracted, unlike the rounded folds of Roman blinds. Cleaning may get tricky for this type of blind, therefore, it’s best you hire a professional blind cleaner.

- Roller screens cleaning 
These screens are great for a no-fuss, minimalist look, which also attributes to easy cleaning. These come in both light-dimming and block out options for your living space, and are usually rolled up using a pulley. Some even offer the option of rolling horizontally instead of vertically.

- Roman blinds cleaning 
These stylish blinds lend a distinguished air to a room. They are made of fabric and accordion-fold when retracted and straighten as they expand. They are harder to clean than traditional blinds, therefore it’s best you call a professional blind cleaner.

- Venetian blinds cleaning 
These are popular blinds in the home and the office. They have slats that tilt up or down to control light. They usually come in the form of either aluminium or wooden slats, and can be quite fragile if misused or old. Therefore, regular cleaning and maintenance is key.

- Vertical blinds cleaning 
These blinds are often used for large glass areas such as sliding doors or patio doors. They are hard-wearing, long-lasting, and offer great light control, but their sheer size makes them hard to clean thoroughly.



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